Wine served on a plane

Greetings from Hamburg Germany, where the weather is cold but the city beautiful.

My wife and I flew over to the UK on Monday to attend the wedding of my brother in Manchester and as is standard procedure with an evening flight, dinner is served along with a small selection of wine. Okay, firstly we paid almost $2000 a ticket [yes we are flying to multiple countries] so you kind of expect a few things, namely enough room at your seat to stretch your legs and enough space between you and the neighbor [by the way if a 300 pound person sits next to you, my feeling is charge him for 2 seats, he should not be able to spill over into mine. Dinner should be half decent and the wine too [ we are not flying first class despite what everyone thinks us wine makers earn].

Spacious seats, sitting next to Kath [so definitely no spill over], dinner was okay so onto the wine. I am not sure what the protocol is for ordering wine but since I was doing this for research purposes, I asked that they give me one bottle of everthing. Everything consisted of an Argentinian Malbec and a Spanish blend of Garnacha and Tempranillo, perfect, Old World vs New World.

Not to be overly critical but high-octane stuff this. The label said 13.2% abv [alcohol by volume] but I think this is one area in which both of these wines over-delivered, at least I thought I would get a good night’s sleep but all that ended up happening was me visiting the rest room 5 times on the way over. The wine was also heavily chilled which made tasting it hard [never mind, i thought quickly on my feet and promptly ordered a few more bottles of each]. First thought is that the temperature certainly suppresses any fruit that may have been in the wine for the warmer wines showed a lot better than their cold counterparts. Saying that though, the wines fell way short of being stellar and I would maybe pay $10 a bottle for them, so not too bad considering these are probably mass-produced wines, purchased for a low price, thus the vineyards crops the vineyard heavily and makes wine as cheaply as possible.

My personal favorite was the Spanish wine, it was much better than the Argentinian Malbec. It had some nice red fruit, a pleasant finish and left some of the enamel coating on my teeth. There was some complexity [maybe due to the blending] and went well with the food served [tomato and basil pasta]. Not bad to be fairly honest. I had a nice chat with the flight attendant who had been to Bordeaux and new his wines [pleasant surprised] and he came back later to chat about Virginia Wine and the future thereof. Alas, he did not know Virginia made wine but I told him to head over to the Whole Foods in London and to go and sample ours; and the others represented there, I have no doubt he will be pleasantly surprised.

Neil’s wedding went off well, he looked great, she looked beautiful and the bonus, Keswick wines were served. how cool that wines I made were poured at my brothers wedding in Manchester?

The overall impression?

 “Virginia Makes Wine ?”

Yes indeed good people and judging by the comments and how well the wine was received, you might want to start paying attention to Virginia and tasting some of the wines.

It certainly beat the wines served on the plane over



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