Friended Franc – FINALLY

The Facebook phenomenon has been a tidal wave that has swept us away. People are constantly checking their phones for updates, news feeds and connecting with friends of years gone by. Personally I do not get why they call it social media, to me it all seems a little anti-social.

Whatever your opinion, you cannot deny that internet communication is quicker and more far-reaching than any other form of marketing these days. Current implies now, old news is just a few seconds away, such is the world we live in.

Wine making is steeped in history, newer advancements in equipment and techniques; yes,  but the fundamentals of wine making [turning juice into wine] can be traced back hundreds of years. So why not combine the two, old meets new, romance meets innovation. It was with this theory in mind that we decided to make a wine using “Facebook” in that during each step of the wine making process, I would shoot a short video explaining what stage of the process we were in, and our friends could decide on what to do next by voting. Some of the choices given were, when to pick the fruit, how to ferment it, what barrel to put in and so on and so forth.

Our friends voted for French oak, natural fermentation, letting the fruit hang to make a bolder wine and to make a true Cabernet Franc with no blending component whatsoever. It pains me to say that I think this wine actually surpasses the conventional Cabernet Franc we made in 2009, and that did incredibly well for us and was well received.

Well my dear FACEBOOK FRIENDS, the wine was bottled on Monday [Memorial Day] and is now awaiting release, when we can come up with some cool way to do that;  continuing the Facebook theme and trend of course.  Any and all ideas are welcome, if you have a killer idea and we use it, I will give you a bottle of the wine as a thank you gift; so help us out here.

The wine itself is good, not just in the way we made it, it is just good. The nose has an abundance of fruits [none of the bell pepper which I am not a fan of], the palate is soft and silky and there is just the right amount of oak which holds everything together. It is very bright with good acidity [which to me was the hallmark of 2009] and will continue to age and improve over the next 3-5 years. We produced only 48 cases, so quantities are limited and will sell out quickly upon release. This is a blatant sales pitch but you have got to be a friend on Facebook to get this wine, so hit that “like button”.

This was truly a gimmicky wine, but it helps you the consumer get involved with the wine making process. As the Consensus blending for the wine club serves to teach and educate, the Facebook concept strives to make wines that appeal to our friends and consumers, and that cannot be a bad thing. Who knows, I might be able to take it easy this year and have all our wine club members and friends make all the wines, they did a good job with the


To view the video of bottling, go to Facebook and click on the Keswick Vineyards page.




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