The Release Of the Reserve Wine at Keswick Vineyards

Yesterday saw us officially release our Estate wine from the highly acclaimed 2007 vintage.

Our Estate wine as you well may know, is our Heritage. Made in the Bordeaux mould, but not named Meritage, because in 2002 we added 10% Touriga Nacionale into the blend [making it a non Bordeaux blend as Touriga is from Portugal]

Subsequent vintages have seen us use strictly Bordeaux varietals and in the last two vintages, we have only used Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Our newly released 2007 Heritage Estate Reserve is a blend of 80% Cabernet and 20% Merlot, aged for 22 months in 100% new French oak barrels and bottle aged for a further 16 months.

This wine represents everything that I loved about the 2007 vintage in Virginia, lots of up front fruit on the nose and palate, tannins that are ripe and integrate beautifully into the wine. The oak is beautifully balanced and creates a layered wine with amazing complexity that will continue to age and evolve over the next 5-8 years.

This wine proves that Virginia indeed has the ability to produce a world-class red wine, and having been at the Virginia Wine Expo this past weekend, this statement was confirmed by many other wine producers.

To see what Al Schornberg and I have to say about the wine, check out our Facebook page and view the video we did last night.!/video/video.php?v=1604400150175&comments

Cheers to you, I hope you enjoy the Heritage as much as I enjoyed making it


Next post – I weigh in on closures, corks versus screw caps


One comment on “The Release Of the Reserve Wine at Keswick Vineyards

  1. katbarnard says:

    The benefit of being the videographer when they are trying these wines is that I get to have some when the video is done- and I have to tell you, the 2007 Heritage is a really beautiful wine! To be honest, in past years I have preferred the Trevillian blends over the Heritage blends because the Trevillian is often not as tannic, but I really loved this Heritage last night! I don’t know whether it’s due to the extra time in the bottle before releasing this one (this is the longest we have ever held back a wine before releasing it), or my palate changing, or just that this is a really well made wine- but it doesn’t seem overly tannic to me this time. Don’t get me wrong- it is a BIG wine that definitely benefits a lot from decanting (to soften it up and also to let the sediment settle and avoid getting poured into the glass- it is unfined and unfiltered so it has a lot of sediment- but that’s a good thing! See our recent “dueling blogs” discussion we had with a friend about this and but it is very smooth and fruity with a hint of dark chocolate to it- you have to come out and try it!

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