The New Addition to the Family

Keswick Vineyards is proud to announce the new addition to our family of wines, The 2009 Pinot Grigio. Dad, the winemaker is doing well and the wine has fully recovered from bottle shock and is being presented to the public from tomorrow onwards.

our newest addition

Pinot Gris and Grigio are the same grape, named differently dependent on where they are produced. Thought to be a clone of Pinot Noir, the berries are blueish gray, hence the word “Gris” French word for grey.  “Pinot” in French means pine cone, possibly used to describe the shape of the clusters.

A steal at only $16.95, but over delivers in quality. Stainless steel fermented and matured; blended with 3% Viognier, this dry wine has vibrant acidity, lots of melon and pear undertones and is perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer months. This wine is not meant for ageing, enjoy it young with a variety of seafood, salads and pasta. The perfect sipping wine with friends and family, or just for yourself if you do not want to share.

Daddy could not be more proud.




2 comments on “The New Addition to the Family

  1. Kurt Jensen says:

    Planning to be there Monday around 10:30 and taste this and your gold medal Cab Franc. Hope to see you.

    Wine About Virginia

  2. Congratulations and I know I’m going to love it!

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