Wine with Ribs and Fries

Sunday evenings are mostly about taking it easy, throwing something on the grill and having a decent wine to drink. This past Sunday, like most others, my wife and I headed to the in-laws for dinner with a bottle of wine from a nearby vineyard.

After the cordials, I asked if he would like to try the Meritage, “No” he says, “this evening I would like to try something different, why don’t you open the Petrus”

Hang on a moment, did you just say Petrus, that bottle of wine I have bugged you for 8 years to open. The bottle we did not open after we won the Governors Cup, the same bottle we did not open when I married your daughter? Okay, who died, who’s pregnant and how hard did you bump your head?

Cindy, Al’s not feeling too well, he told me to open the Petrus and we are only having ribs and fries. My hearing is good, that is what he said and I was not going to be asked twice. Afterall, we are talking about one of the most famous wines of the world, located in the Pomerol appellation in Bordeaux’s right bank. It is a wine that is made predominantly from Merlot with a touch of Cabernet Franc blended into it, the year 1999.

Rated 90 points by the wine spectator and 94 points by Mr. Robert Parker, retail price? Well let’s just say you could buy a lot of Keswick Wines for the same amount.

How was it? Does it really matter, we had it with ribs and fries for crying out loud, for the sole reason that Al says I am doing a good job at the winery. Okay, it was pretty darn good and many years from now I will remember this bottle of wine and what we had it with. This is what wine is all about, opening some crazy bottle of wine for the heck of it, sharing it with cool people and creating memories, easy to say when you drink someone else’s Petrus.

To let everyone know, I am still looking for someone who will open their 2000 vintage  Haut Brion for me to taste, I suggest the pairing of hotdogs. I will even write about it on my blog if that will persuade anyone out there

Thanks Al, I appreciate you saying I do a good job and thanks for the wine, it was awesome.


3 comments on “Wine with Ribs and Fries

  1. Kate says:

    Reminds me of when I left mom to care for the dog while I was away on business. She called to let me know “that bottle of French red wine was OKAY with my mac & cheese”. I was a flight attendant and had smuggle that bottle from my Paris trip! Thanks mom, glad to know a Grand Cru complements Stouffer’s!

  2. Cindy Schornberg says:

    What about the ribs???

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