Here Comes the Norton…

Today I was lucky enough to ride along with Stephen, Forrest and Keith as they picked up the Norton grapes. 

Stephen driving the tractor

The Norton grape was first cultivated in Richmond, VA by Dr. Daniel Norborne Norton. Due to it being able to adapt to almost any local growing conditions you may find Norton wines throughout the country. The varietal is very durable, hearty and immune to nearly all diseases. It produces a very deep color in wine and has a very “grapey” flavor, similar to a concord grape but not quite as sweet. 

My favorite item that we have from the Norton wine is the Chocolate Norton Sauce! In the tasting room we serve the sauce on vanilla cookies, which is delicious! However, this sauce is good on vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, pineapple, or pretty much anything you can think to put chocolate on! 

Chocolate Norton Sauce

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